Interactive Digital Humans
Virtual beings that you can talk to in a browser

Humanize Machine Interactions

Super Realistic

Created from real human data. Sentiment analysis and the Trulience Virtual Nervous System produce lifelike experiences.

Cloud Rendered

Graphics rendered in the cloud and delivered over low latency WebRTC video calls. Instantly available on any device.

Easy Integration

Video-enhanced conversational services. Built on engines such as Amazon Polly & Google's Dialogflow and includes SSML support.

How it works in more detail

About Us

A history in video tech

This is the founders' second venture in the world of communications' technology. A successful sale of their previous company, Requestec Saypage in 2014 to Blackboard Inc., is now followed by the launch of Trulience.

A natural progression

Whilst Requestec Saypage technology focussed on one-to-one or one-to-many video calls and conferencing, Trulience uses the same underlying WebRTC technology to connect people with virtual human beings.