• Up to 60 minutes/month
  • No commitment
  • One off-the-shelf avatar
  • Limited configurability
  • Cloud hosting only
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From USD 399 / month
  • Includes 2,500 mins/month
  • Extra mins $0.05→0.02/min
  • Extra avatars USD 100/month
  • Browser rendering
  • Cloud and on-premise
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Unreal Engine PRO

USD 899 / month
  • Includes 10,000 mins/month
  • Extra mins $0.05/min
  • Up to 3 avatars
  • In-game or cloud rendering
  • Cloud and on-premise
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  • Project collaboration
  • Flexible terms
  • Avatar customization
  • Access to Hosted LLM
  • Cloud and on-premise
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Hosted LLM

Use your organisation's own proprietary data to fine-tune and RAG-enhance open source models such as Mixtral 8x7B and Llama 3. We host these specialised models on your behalf on a globally distrubted GPU cloud that you can then use to power the knowledge and conversations held by your interactive avatars. Your data will be kept private and not be used to train or fine-tune other publicly available models such as those provided by organisations like OpenAI and Google. You will only be charged for tokens generated during conversations with your avatars and not continously by time.

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