Trulience Technology

Ben Weekes, Co-Founder (with Truly)

Trulience brings voice or text services to life by allowing you to connect high-definition digital humans to do the talking. Using a combination of top-end CGI to create super realistic characters and the Trulience Virtual Nervous System and Sentiment Analysis Engine to bring them to life, plus AI tools such as Google's Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Amazon's Text-To-Speech voices, our digital humans are able to hold lifelike conversations in regular web browsers, mobile apps and on smart devices.

The Trulience Gateway has been designed to connect to existing Alexa Skills and Google Actions built using Dialogflow and Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). Dialogflow incorporates Google's machine learning expertise and already supports over 20 languages.

Whilst not limited purely to apps built on Dialogflow, Google's backing of the platform and the fact it runs on the Google Cloud Platform allows the Trulience Gateway to scale alongside Dialogflow to hundreds of millions of users. Companies such as Ticketmaster, Domino's and Comcast are already building conversational services on Dialogflow, and Trulience provides the final step by adding faces and video enhancements to the overall experience.

Available 24/7 and constantly learning on the go, we believe that digital voice and video assistants will be at the heart of contact centers of the future. We look forward to building innovative services that push the boundaries of machine | human interaction. Contact us to discover just how simple it is to bring a digital human to life.

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