Trulience Technology

The AI behind our Digital Humans

Trulience brings conversational services to life by allowing super realistic, interactive video avatars to do the talking. Our simple API allows our digital humans to be embedded within websites and connected to via WebRTC video calls, with no additional software installation required. Using a combination of CGI and the Trulience Virtual Nervous System and Sentiment Analysis Engine, plus AI engines such as Google's Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Amazon's Text-To-Speech, our digital humans are able to hold naturally spoken conversations with website visitors. Crucially, our digital humans come with full duplex, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). This means that conversations can be held without the need for push-to-talk or similar features.

The Trulience Gateway has been designed to connect to existing conversational services such as those built using Google's Dialogflow. Our gateway also handles Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). This enables developers to control digital human movements and apply additional media content to video streams by injecting SSML tags within conversational responses.

Available 24/7 and learning on the go, we believe that digital voice and video assistants will come to be at the heart of our interaction with machines. We look forward to building innovative services that push the boundaries of machine | human interaction. Contact us to discover just how simple it is to bring a digital human to life and embed it within your website.

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