Digital Human Benefits


At your service 24/7


A fraction of the cost of a real human


The same experience for every user


Accompanying video content


Wizard of Oz or real human handover

Face Contact

A more emotionally-driven experience

Trulience Digital Humans create truly personal online experiences. A digital human offers emotional connection 24/7, interacting with users through natural spoken conversations in multiple languages. These interactions can be further enhanced by adding additional visual elements to the conversation to help reinforce or clarify a message. You can even stream live video into the digital human's background and informational screens. As if that wasn't enough, you are also able to replace a digital human's responses with a real human's typed input through our amazing Wizard of Oz functionality, or even replace a digital human altogether by seamlessly swapping them for a real person!

We believe that Trulience provides the missing piece in bringing websites and apps to life, no matter the time of day or night. By humanzing the way in which online services operate, Trulience enables a brand new genre of interactivity that will breathe fresh life into the way we interact and navigate the internet.

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